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About Us

Innovating the finest, most sustainable Scottish leather.

We're dedicated to helping our customers reduce their CO2 emissions and deliver the optimum passenger experience.

We are committed to giving more to the environment than we take – continually raising standards in quality, sustainability, ethics, and traceability.

It takes time to create a sustainable business. At Scottish Leather Group we’ve spent centuries building a company full of exceptional people, innovating every day to bring the finest, sustainable leather to some of the world’s most-loved companies. The sectors we serve include aviation, automotive, bus, coach, and rail, as well as furniture design, consumer electronics and luxury goods.

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The world’s lowest carbon intensity leather. Made by us.

When it comes to reducing carbon emissions, we lead the global leather industry, and have reduced the carbon intensity of our leather by 90% since 2003. Continuously challenging ourselves to do better for the planet, our customers choose us because we take sustainability as seriously as they do.

We source our rawhides responsibly - and locally - cutting down on transportation emissions. Our hides are all by-products of the meat industry, therefore reducing pressure on landfill in the process.

And when it comes to our lightweight leather, it’s innovation itself, produced using patented methods that save us energy and reduce our carbon footprint, along with our customers.


Closing the loop on carbon with circular manufacturing.

Being a circular manufacturer is key to our sustainability journey and our mission to be net zero by 2025. It’s more than a mindset; it’s a way of life - producing the finest Scottish leather with the smallest possible impact on the environment.

From the clear, fresh waters of our loch to our on-site thermal plant that generates our energy, our super tannery with innovative hide processing technology, the bio-oils that we sell on, our ambition to develop alternative uses for end-of-life leather, every part of the manufacturing process is done in-house and under our control.

We reclaim enough energy to heat the equivalent of 5,000 households per day.

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