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Lowest Carbon Leather

We make the world's lowest carbon intensity leather, at 1.4 kg of CO2e per hide.

When it comes to reducing our carbon emissions, we’re leading the way. Reducing our carbon emissions is a key measurement of our impact on the environment, and we’re on a journey to carbon neutral by 2025.

Key measurements.

Carbon Intensity SLG

Carbon Intensity

We lead the global leather industry, having reduced the carbon intensity of our leather by 90% since 2003.


Source of rawhides

Over 98% of our rawhides are sourced within the UK and Ireland.

All of our cattle hides are sourced from farms and abattoirs that can demonstrate that they meet the Five Freedom principles of animal husbandry and welfare.

Life Cycle Analysis


We produce the world’s lowest carbon leather as measured using Life Cycle Analysis (LCA). This is a methodology for measuring the true long-term impact of a service or product.


Our commitments.


Our commitment to be accredited to the UN Global Compact and we have now successfully completed our self-assessment confirming compliance, which has been independently verified.


By 2023 we have committed to have verified the integrity of our supply chain via an auditing protocol to meet internationally accepted standards.


Through circular manufacturing, we will have zero process waste to landfill. So far, our progress has seen our metrics achieve 77% of our 2025 target.


We are committed to reducing our direct (scope 1 and scope 2) impact to Net Zero as reported under SECR, which has already reduced by 90% from baseline towards our 2025 target.

ESG Report.

Our annual ESG Report summarises our activities, commitments and innovation agenda. All supporting and driving us towards a more sustainable future.

Producing low carbon leather is part of our work under Goal 12 of the UN Global Compact: Responsible production and consumption. Read more about how we uphold practices across our manufacture to support this in our report.

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