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Innovation has created the platform for us to present the world's lowest carbon leather, sustainably manufactured, responsibly sourced, and offered in new and exciting formats for existing and new customers.

The finest, lowest carbon leather is 'Measurably Different'

Discover how we can help our customers make a true and verified impact on their carbon targets with our independently verified Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) score of 8kg CO2e/m2 on average, the lowest in the world published for leather. Our journey to zero is illustrated in numbers in this short film and highlights how our responsible sourcing, 100% traceability and innovative circular manufacturing process can support our customers' sustainability targets. 

Born in Scotland.

Raised in Bridge of Weir.

We’re Scottish Leather Group and we create the world’s finest sustainable leather for the world’s most respected companies.

Leather that cushions life’s journeys. Leather for when you’re being driven, or you’re in the driving seat. Leather that tells you you’re flying in the lap of luxury. Our craft sets the tone for game-changing products, as the benchmark of modern leather.

We’re the UK’s leading leather manufacturer and home to the finest leather makers. It’s been our passion and our way of life for over 500 years. So we make it personal. We stand together at the forefront of innovation, constantly creating better products, forever finding new ways to use our years in the business to manufacture sustainably, for the good of people and the planet.

Our Leather

At Scottish Leather Group we’re a family-owned family of businesses. Each business in the group is unique and we’re all driven by the same values.


Bridge of Weir

Our leathers have helped shape the course of automotive history for generations. Founded by Arthur Muirhead in 1905, Bridge of Weir leather is synonymous with refinement and performance. On the prestige marques of today and the concept cars of tomorrow, we develop the finest automotive leathers at one of Europe’s leading leather production facilities.

Wet Blue Hides with Lang Logo


Generations of craftsmen built our tannery. New technology drives it further than ever before. At Lang, we have 150 years of tanning experience producing the finest Scottish leathers and specialise in lime split and full substance bovine Wet Blue and Wet White hides.

Yellow Leather with Muirhead Logo


When it comes to low carbon, high performance leather, Muirhead is widely recognised as a leader in responsible innovation of a versatile product range for prestigious global brands. Established in 1840, centuries of expertise combined with pioneering technology produces luxury leather that travels the world – on 160 airlines, in the bus, coach, rail and marine sectors, and in the furniture and luxury goods industries.


Highest quality standards.
No deforestation.
Peace of mind.

We make it our business to know the provenance of our supply chain. To continue pioneering new standards in sustainability, traceability, and animal welfare. Respecting the resources we’re given, and our local environment to ensure our lowest carbon leathers continue to be the most sustainable, luxury leather available.

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