Recycling Water

We filter and recycle our used water back into leather production.

Scottish water is world-renowned for its quality and our loch holds 37 million litres of clean natural water – equivalent to 15 Olympic-sized swimming pools. It’s certified Class 1 for purity.

Our circular water process

Circular Water infographic

Our commitments


Our suppliers became signatories to our Code of Conduct.


We will be accredited to the UN Global Compact.


We will have verified the integrity of our supply chain to meet internationally accepted standards.


We will have zero process waste to landfill through circular manufacturing, and become carbon neutral, as reported under SECR.

Sustainability Report

Our annual Sustainability Report summarises our activities, commitments and innovation agenda. All supporting and driving us towards a more sustainable future.

Water efficiency is part of our effort under Goal 6 of the UN Global Compact: Clean water and sanitation. Learn more about how our water-efficient tanneries help to support this goal in our report.

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