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Our Values

We're stronger, together.

Separately, each of our businesses have distinct goals and personalities, and as Scottish Leather Group we’re united by these; our values. Our values are our promises. To ourselves and each other, to our partners now and in the future. They connect us like family and make us stronger, by giving us the foundations of what we want to achieve and how we want to act.


We make it personal.

Scottish Leather Group is a family-owned business, driven by exceptional people.

It’s our people that bring warmth, grit and expertise. Dedicated, honest and proud, we care and obsess about every detail. From the hides we inspect to the long-lasting relationships we build and the customers we serve. It makes our business truly unique and ensures our products and services reflect the people we are and the high standards we set.

The same applies to every area of the business, and safety is paramount. We never cut corners or undertake tasks that cannot be done safely.

By ensuring a safe, healthy and positive working environment, we will continue to be home to the world’s finest leather makers, designers and innovators who go above and beyond for each other and exceed the expectations of our customers.


We are committed to quality.

We’re dedicated to quality and the skill it takes to make something great – strengthened by the passion and expertise of everyone who works for Scottish Leather Group.

Our commitment to creating the best products and delivering the best service is a philosophy that began with our founders and remains true to this day.

We take responsibility in raising standards. From our people, our suppliers to the materials and resources we use – we take pride in designing and manufacturing high quality sustainable products that inspire our customers and the people that use them.


We're naturally progressive.

Over two centuries worth of craftsmanship, knowledge and innovation inspires our desire to do better. Not just in the products we make but in everything we do. We have a lifelong passion for developing game-changing products that are the benchmark for luxury, comfort and care.

We’re determined to build a company that gives more than it takes – continually raising standards in quality, sustainability, ethics and traceability – developing products without compromise and without costing the earth.

We respect our resources, pioneer world-leading sustainable practices and only source rawhides from suppliers that respect and observe the highest animal welfare standards.

We’re proud of our heritage, our world leading leather – and we’re proud to stand by our values - as we continue to innovate and manufacture the world’s finest sustainable leather for the world’s most respected companies.

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