Our Sustainability Commitment

Leather is naturally sustainable.
So is our business.

We make the world’s finest, lowest carbon leather. And we’re leading the way to make sure our business and sustainable manufacturing practices help others to do more for the planet.

As a group, we’re committed to an innovation agenda that supports a sustainable future for the entire leather industry. Our unique low carbon leather and circular manufacturing approach allows us to support our customers on their own journeys, empowering more people, businesses and brands to change the industry for good.


Our goal is zero impact.

We’re proud to produce beautiful, long lasting, and versatile leather that has the lowest possible impact on the environment. This journey to zero is leading the leather industry.

It’s our responsibility as a business. We report the independent Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) of every leather we create, to measure and benchmark the impact of our manufacturing process and supply chains. We’re committed to circular manufacturing and making use of waste as resources. And, from 2021 we’re part of the Science Based Targets initiative which defines and promotes best practice in emissions reduction target setting.

We don’t see sustainable manufacturing as a set of limitations, but an opportunity. Continual innovation and sharing our practices and commitments is essential to achieve our goal: a zero-impact sustainable manufacturing platform for leather.

Our commitments


Our suppliers became signatories to our Code of Conduct.


We will be accredited to the UN Global Compact.


We will have verified the integrity of our supply chain to meet internationally accepted standards.


We will have zero process waste to landfill through circular manufacturing, and become carbon neutral, as reported under SECR.


Naturally superior. Naturally sustainable.

Real leather is inherently sustainable - it’s the original upcycling industry. We take a by-product from the beef and dairy industry that would end up in landfill and turn it into a high value luxury product, used all over the world for generations to come.

It’s how we do it that matters. At Scottish Leather Group, we’re leading the way with the most sustainable practices in the leather industry. Our philosophy is rooted in circular manufacturing and making the best use of the world’s finite - and precious - resources.

We make the lowest carbon intensity leather in the world by sourcing rawhides locally, recovering energy from our waste, reducing waste to landfill, only using renewable energy, and finding value in other industries for our co-products.

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