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Operational Excellence

Delivering change well.

We make the finest leathers for the world’s most respected companies, and demand excellence at every touchpoint throughout our delivery. It’s what sets the benchmark for our modern luxury leathers - and raises the bar.

Our pursuit of Operational Excellence challenges us all to change; to find new ways to operate better. To be more streamlined, agile, and more profitable. That includes a project pipeline that captures every new idea and project which we use to set business priorities every month. From lean manufacturing tools, Six Sigma techniques to ‘just do it’, we never stop working to create and embed the highest standards across the Group.

Man wearing ear protectors

Gold standard health and safety.

Health and safety begins with the right culture. Our primary focus is creating - and maintaining a safe place to work. We’re proud that our safety performance is both award-winning and RoSPA Gold recognised. As a family-owned group of businesses, it matters to us that people feel looked after; that their craft and contribution is recognised and respected. That’s why we go beyond traditional Health and Safety objectives to develop strategies that enhance our employees' health and wellbeing.

Young apprentice in factory space

Lifelong learning and support.

People are ingrained in everything we do. They’re our most important asset. When you work at Scottish Leather Group you’re more than an employee. You’re a part of a unique family that believes better is always possible – which is where our dedicated learning comes in.

We established the Scottish Leather Group Academy to offer lifelong learning to all our employees, at every level, to help them fulfil their true potential. It’s part of our mission to do better for our people, our customers, and the planet. As we pursue Operational Excellence, and continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible in our craft, we train colleagues and teams to actively participate and lead improvement projects, alongside inspiring mentors and supportive managers.

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