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How We Do Business

Management approach.

We are committed to strict ethical standards, fairness, transparency, and equality practices across the Group and within our supply chain. This begins with gender equality, with equal pay for equivalent roles, and extends across all our behaviours – and is enshrined in our commitments and measured against the obligations within United Nations Global Compact (UNGC).

We operate a robust auditing program in accordance with and beyond the requirements of our 8 ISO accreditations.

Our supply chain partners, contractors and suppliers have ALL signed our Code Of Conduct which expressly requires them to apply, as a minimum, the same standards of employment, behaviours, legality, and ethical practices as we do, and encourages them to continue this philosophy of supply chain integrity.

Key measurement.

Traceable supply chain diagram

Transparency & traceability of raw materials.

We source from, and contribute back to, the food chain. All our raw hides are a by-product of the local beef and dairy industries, from which we have 100% traceability. We source raw hides locally within the UK & Ireland from responsible suppliers, without risk of deforestation and with full transparency and traceability.

We procure over 98% of our raw hides locally from the UK and Ireland. All of our Scottish grass-fed livestock enjoy the assurance of the UK Cattle Tracing Scheme (CTS) managed by the British Cattle Movement Service and ScotEID (Livestock Traceability).

"We can demonstrate a supply chain with no risk of deforestation"

Our customers.

PriestmanGoode Rail Seat


Muirhead is a proud collaborative partner of like-minded, environmentally sensitive companies like PriestmanGoode, a multidisciplinary design company with a purpose of designing a better, more sustainable future.

"We’ve taken a pragmatic approach to the First of a Kind brief, balancing ground-breaking ideas with the constraints of existing rolling stock. The outcome provides interesting options for both new rolling stock and retrofit opportunities as operators around the world look to build flexibility into their train interiors.”

Mike Lambourn
Senior Project Head

Bentley Car Interior with Black Leather


Bentley is creating a future driven by new technologies, materials, fuels and skills, in the pursuit of a progressive, new world: one in which the highest levels of luxury mobility are achieved with sustainable methods. Bentley's “Beyond 100” strategy outlines how they plan to make this future a reality and, in turn, become the leading maker of luxury electric cars with the intention of becoming climate neutral, end-to-end, from 2030.

“Bridge of Weir's 100% traceable UK supply chain, uncompromising standards and progressive innovations support the delivery of our 2030 ambitions.”

Marc Stang
Leather & Colour Development
Bentley Motors

Polestar Car Seat with Light Grey Bridge of Weir Leather


Polestar embraces transparency with regard to measuring and communicating carbon footprints and materials' traceability and publishes the Life Cycle Analysis of all models. By being completely transparent about their methods and progress towards a climate neutral future, Polestar aims to set a standard that others who want to make similar claims must follow.

“We were really happy to be able to work with Bridge of Weir around the leather in Polestar 3, which is an amazing company in terms of sustainability ambition. They have full traceability, down to the farm, and also they only have animals coming from the food industry – which means this is a by-product of the food industry.”

Fredrika Klarén
Head of Sustainability

ESG Report.

Our annual Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Report summarises our activities, commitments and innovation agenda. All supporting and driving us towards a more sustainable future.

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