How We Do Business

Management approach.

We are committed to strict ethical standards, fairness, transparency, and equality practices across the Group and within our supply chain. This begins with gender equality, with equal pay for equivalent roles, and extends across all our behaviours – and is enshrined in our commitments and measured against the obligations within United Nations Global Compact (UNGC).

We operate a robust auditing program in accordance with and beyond the requirements of our 8 ISO accreditations.

Our supply chain partners, contractors and suppliers have ALL signed our Code Of Conduct which expressly requires them to apply, as a minimum, the same standards of employment, behaviours, legality, and ethical practices as we do, and encourages them to continue this philosophy of supply chain integrity.

Key measurement.

Traceable supply chain diagram

Transparency & traceability of raw materials.

We source from, and contribute back to, the food chain. All our raw hides are a by-product of the local beef and dairy industries, from which we have 100% traceability. We source raw hides locally within the UK & Ireland from responsible suppliers, without risk of deforestation and with full transparency and traceability. 

We procure over 98% of our raw hides locally from the UK and Ireland. These include 80.16% (2021 calendar year) of all Scottish grass-fed livestock – which enjoy the assurance of the UK Cattle Tracing Scheme (CTS) managed by the British Cattle Movement Service and ScotEID (Livestock Traceability).

Our customers.

Alexander Dennis bus seats

Alexander Dennis & Stagecoach

Muirhead worked alongside Alexander Dennis, the UK’s largest bus and coach manufacturer and a global leader in designing and manufacturing double-decker buses for their Road to Renewables Roadshow. This involved showcasing a doubledecker Battery Electric Bus all over the UK culminating in the provisions of VIP transport during the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) in Glasgow, Scotland.

We are proud to have been able to demonstrate a zero emission solution for this historic event (COP26) with attention given to every detail; on seating materials we successfully collaborated with our UK based partner Muirhead who produce the world’s lowest carbon leather and are committed to assisting their customers achieve a net zero impact.”

Jacqueline Anderson
Group Marketing Director
Alexander Dennis Limited

Aston Martin interior

Aston Martin

Bridge of Weir has enjoyed a special relationship with Aston Martin that spans decades, providing the highly specified leather interiors that are integral to the marque’s reputation for ultra-luxury, high-performance vehicles. The relationship continues to flourish as we move to supplying cut parts for all vehicles from our new, state-of-the-art facility nearby our core manufacturing site in Bridge of Weir, Scotland.

"We are delighted to expand our long-term strategic partnership with Bridge of Weir, with the involvement of our suppliers key to successfully achieving our sustainability goals outlined in Racing Green. Not only are we benefitting from their expertise and unrivalled quality but their vertical control from farm to finish, 100% traceability and lowest carbon leather, but we are also supporting our ambition to achieve net zero emissions across our entire supply chain.”

Aurelien Faucheux
CPO – Head of Procurement
Aston Martin

Polestar 2 seat


Bridge of Weir Leather is delighted to be supplying the leather for the Polestar 2, which has recently benefitted from a host of upgrades, further reducing climate impact and increasing material traceability.

Polestar believes that when it comes to interiors, leather solves many challenges related to quality and the environment – and that relying on only synthetic materials creates other sustainability challenges.

"We require that all leather used in Polestar products live up the strictest standards of animal welfare and the Five Freedoms, as well as being full traceable and chrome-free."

Fredrika Klarén
Head of Sustainability 

ESG Report.

Our annual Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Report summarises our activities, commitments and innovation agenda. All supporting and driving us towards a more sustainable future.

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