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By joining Scottish Leather Group, you will be part of a company that invests in you by giving you learning and development opportunities at every stage of your career. We will encourage you to take ownership and help you to achieve your personal and professional goals.

We are committed to quality, progressiveness and being personal. If you feel Our Values are important to you too, then please see below some of the great opportunities we have available to start a rewarding career.

To find out about our current vacancies, please see below.

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Current vacancies.

  • Recycling Plant Engineer (Team Leader)

    The Recycling Plant Engineering Team Leader will organise the safe and efficient operations and engineering of the Recycling Plant.

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  • Maintenance Engineer (Electrical Biased)

    The Thermal Energy Plant (Electronically biased) Maintenance Engineer will operate and manage the process and machinery of the Recycling Plant. This includes various equipment from our Water Waste, Energy from Waste and Rendering Plant. The Engineer will ensure that the Plant is operated safely and is effectively maintained.

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  • Assistant BOM Engineer

    The Assistant Bills of Material (BOM) Engineer will be responsible for the creation of bespoke batch orders, which will enable bespoke manufacturing for key customers.

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