Circular Manufacturing

Using waste as fuel. Sealing the deal on our patented circular manufacturing process.

Not only do we convert solid waste to steam, we have an innovative take-back scheme that converts end-of-life leather into fuel for our thermal energy plant. Old leather contributes to the manufacture of new - a circular manufacturing process.

Our circular manufacturing process

Circular Manufacturing infographic_02

Our commitments


Our suppliers became signatories to our Code of Conduct.


We will be accredited to the UN Global Compact.


We will have verified the integrity of our supply chain to meet internationally accepted standards.


We will have zero process waste to landfill through circular manufacturing, and become carbon neutral, as reported under SECR.

Sustainability Report

Our annual Sustainability Report summarises our activities, commitments and innovation agenda. All supporting and driving us towards a more sustainable future.

Circular manufacturing is part of our effort under Goal 9 of the UN Global Compact: Industry, innovation and infrastructure. Discover more about our circular mindset, and manufacturing process that helps to support this commitment in our report.

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