Technical Assistant

Job Posted: 12th July 2022

Role purpose

To support the Technical Team to deliver the departmental strategy regarding product and process development and sample production. You will play a key role as the link between wet end and finish activities to ensure all relevant goals are met. You will take a proactive approach in all tasks that are required, using effective communication skills to nurture internal inter-departmental relationships to assist in the delivery of product/process development projects and customer samples.


Key accountabilities

•    Support technical team in all required activities whilst living and displaying the company values and promoting health, safety, and wellbeing. 
•    Great organisational, communication, and relationship skills.
•    Good solid understanding of the entire leather making process, equipment, and quality measures.
•    Great time management abilities and understanding of all associated time restrictions to deliver effectively against department output requirements.
•    Setting up sample order checklists, logging and analysing batch data, and reporting of required changes to ongoing technical trials.
•    Assisting with the planning and scheduling of all sample order and trial batches.
•    Providing regular updates on batch and trial progress and communicating to the development/process team as well as key stakeholders.
•    Responsible for interdepartmental communications regarding key trial information (Colour/Quality/Production).
•    Updating and maintaining several internal metrics to assist product/process development.
•    Providing technical support, as required, to machine teams on all technical batches.
•    Where necessary, operating equipment or leading production teams to support production of samples/trials.
•    Supporting technical hide reviews by organising, staging, and providing feedback updates.
•    Providing support and training during launch phases to assist production readiness.
•    Responsible for preparation of all materials for processing (Leather and Chemicals).


Experience Desired 

•    Good understanding of leather making process, with leather operational experience
•    Displays characteristics to go above and beyond.  Is flexible and nimble and has willingness to learn and challenge. 
•    Basic Microsoft Office competence.


Key Competencies Required

•    Respond positively to feedback and be open to incorporating these into your way of working.
•    Treat every experience as an opportunity to learn something new
•    Ask others for help and advice.
•    Undertake regular self-development aligned to your role or future roles.

Attention to Detail
•    Consistently provide accurate, complete, and quality work and information.
•    Demonstrate brilliant execution by delivering work on time, being thorough, and applying high standards to everything you do.

•    Actively develop and maintain beneficial relationships and show commitment to outstanding teamwork.
•    Proactively listen to, consider, and embrace diverse ideas and styles.

•    Achieve results by prioritizing workload, effective time management, and showing efficiency with resources available. 
•    Show energy and determination to drive action through to completion.

•    Respond positively to change and look for new ways of working that improve efficiency.
•    Be open to trying new ideas.

•    Develop and deliver clear, concise, consistent, and relevant information (verbal and written) to meet the needs of the audience. Understands, manages, and clarifies expectations.

Problem solving
•    Act on own initiative without being prompted.
•    Demonstrate drive to make a positive difference to business performance.
•    Have a positive outlook, channel your energy into finding opportunities and solutions, even in times of uncertainty and ambiguity.
•    Always seek valid information to solve and eliminate root causes of problems/ issues.

Customer Service
•    Focus on customer (internal and external) needs and satisfaction.


Key relationships:

•    Technical Management
•    Technical Team
•    Production Supervisor 
•    All Operations Teams
•    Quality + Laboratory Team
•    Warehouse Team


How to Apply

To apply please send your cover letter and CV to

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