Sustainability Officer

Job Posted: 12th July 2022

Location: Bridge of Weir, Scotland


Role Purpose

The principle purpose of the role is ensuring the company retains its sustainability credentials by delivering on our ambitious zero targets, (net zero, zero waste to landfill).

Reporting to the Innovation and Sustainability Director, the Sustainability Officer which will be responsible for provision of environmental metrics, reports and delivering on project tasks that add value for both the company and the customer, whilst ensuring our ongoing commitment to ensure our impact on the environment, society and economy is at the forefront of our decision-making.

Key Accountabilities

  • Ensure our future commitments are met; in particular accredited to the UN Global Compact in 2022
  • By 2023, verified the integrity of our supply chains to meet internationally accepted standards, achieved zero process waste to landfill through circular economy and become carbon neutral as reported under SECR by 2025
  • Ensure the Group’s sustainability credentials are maintained, and proactive internal and external campaigns are developed to challenge the status quo in all aspects of sustainability
  • Clearly communicate and inspire the wider business on the fundamental sustainable development principles, in particular environmental management, and ensure others understand their responsibility for environmental damage and improvement
  • Implementation of environmental objectives, policy and principles across the group through delivery of projects or initiatives ensuring a consistent and aligned approach to business objectives is achieved
  • Effectively engage with all relevant parties within the Group to ensure changes in legislation are communicated across the group and suitable solutions implemented
  • Collect, analyse and evaluate environmental results and compliance to support the I&S Director in developing practical solutions for implementation
  • Provide quarterly board report content (Environmental compliance and Sustainability) that contain relevant and accurate data that is easily understood
  • Proactively anticipate environmental trends and consequences and look for way to overcome any risks to the business and its people
  • Promoting a sustainable environmental culture across the group
  • Attend the Quarterly Environmental Management Committee and disseminate outcomes
  • Ensure the Group maintains high standards of compliance to Integrated Management System (IMS) by day to day management of requirements of the Energy & Environmental management systems (EMS, En MS)
  • Contribute to & draft content of Annual Group Sustainability Report for shareholders and other stakeholders including provision of environmental data.

Experience Desired

  • Working knowledge of up to date environmental and sustainability industry standards
  • Previous experience of working in an operational environment would be preferential
  • Exceptional analytical & problem-solving skills, able to provide accurate information to all areas of the business
  • Confident, self-motivated, and resilient, able to proactively identify issues and drive delivery of solutions
  • Thrives in a fast-paced environment.


Key Competencies Required


  • Respond positively to feedback and be open to incorporating these into your way of working
  • Be self-aware and authentic
  • Have confidence in your own ability but ask others for help and advice when necessary
  • Undertake regular self-development aligned to your role or future roles
  • Be an exemplary role model and take the lead in promoting and living by our values.

Attention to Detail

  • Consistently provide accurate, complete, and quality work and information
  • Demonstrate brilliant execution by delivering work on time, being thorough, and applying high standards to everything you do
  • Understand what makes our business successful and be conscious of internal and external developments.
  • Organisation
  • Achieve results by prioritising workload, effective time management, and showing efficiency with resources available
  • Make sense of complex situations and systems
  • Show energy and determination to drive action through to completion.


  • Develop and deliver clear, concise, consistent, and relevant information (verbal and written) to meet the needs of the audience.
  • Understand, manage, and clarify expectations.

Problem Solving

  • Act on own initiative without being prompted
  • Demonstrate drive to make a positive difference to business performance
  • Recognise where problems may arise and suggest preventative measures
  • Always seek valid information to solve and eliminate root causes of problems / issues.


Key Relationships


  • Innovation & Sustainability Director
  • Operational Staff - QHSE
  • Innovation Team


How to Apply

To apply please send your cover letter and CV to

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