Product Engineer

Job Posted: 23rd September 2022

Location: Paisley, Scotland


Role Purpose

Working within LCD operations to support the transition from business award into production.

The product engineer will be the conduit between CAD engineering, procurement, BOM engineering and the operations team, ensuring that the relevant detailed knowledge is transferred and utilised in obtaining the best manufacturing layout/process flow.  Maximising both footprint and labour.

The product engineer will also work with the customer to deliver a solution that meets the customer expectations in terms of cost, quality, and functionality, whilst ensuring that the best DFM (Design for Manufacture) solution is achieved for SLG operations.  To also steer the design requirement in a direction that meets all SLG business requirements in terms of cost and profit.  To be the lead in all things tooling, capex, nesting to achieve yield requirements and supplier support.


Key Accountabilities 

  • To work with the customer to understand the product/platform requirements, having a full understanding of the complexities involved in order to offer solutions for both the customer and SLG.
  • Understands the full complexity and produce a Statement of Requirements with success criteria.
  • Translate customer Vehicle Project Plan (VPP) into an agreed SLG timing plan that meets the customer expectation and communicate throughout the business:
  • Should SLG not be able to meet the customer requirements; be the lead in communicating and establishing a new timeline that both SLG and its customer agree to.
  • Pictorial Bill of Material (PBOM) & Product Development Specification (PDS) creation and maintenance
  • Identify and define BOM product requirements, liaising with the BOM engineer to ensure that structure, routing, and component/subcomponent level manufacturing requirements meet SLG operations requirements.
  • Responsible for the resolution of any BOM/routing issues.
  • Ensure by audit that all parts contained in the manufacturing BOM are correctly set up and structured in the MRP system.
  • Represent SLG in all customer Product Development Meeting (PDT)
  • Ensure that all SLG requirements (specifications/Tolerances) are translated accurately onto customer designs/drawings
  • Take the lead in plant layout, capex compilation and execution.
  • Review and sign-off all customer drawings for accuracy and completion.
  • Create & Lead the DVP&R ready for PPAP.
  • Manage any changes required to meet the DVP&R.
  • Conduct any machine/process capability trials required to support PPAP/operational confidence.
  • Develop all first off/ last off processes/procedures.
  • Manage/Support all pre-production builds:
  • Manage any containment activities prior to production release.
  • Manage all customer/SLG changes during production life cycle.
  • Use model/simulation to identify opportunities for improvement, and work to implement projects to deliver results based on the operations KPIs.
  • Leading productivity and equipment improvement activity within the facility, utilising improvement tools to increase reliability and availability:
  • Teseo/Lectra simulation software.
  • Simulate for all process related optimisations.
  • Perform root cause analysis to identify Failure modes / Waste elimination ideas and corrective actions.


Experience Desired

  • Degree qualified in an industrial or mechanical discipline
  • To have a good working knowledge of:
  • Catia V5 or equivalent.
  • AutoCAD.
  • Experience of working with stakeholders at various levels of a business
  • Proficient user of MS Excel, MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Project and analysis tools including the simulation software (Simul8)
  • Knowledge of continuous improvement strategies (e.g., Lean Manufacturing, 6-sigma, TPM etc.)
  • Ability to demonstrate an understanding of Manufacturing Engineering Processes & practices, Work study and Time study.
  • Well versed with Engineering & manufacturing drawings interpretation.
  • General awareness of Manufacturing Systems (CAD, CAM, ERP) and plant layout (Product, Process & Cellular) relevant to the business.
  • Have the ability to manage projects with multiple cross-functional interfaces, have good written and oral communication skills, and be capable of working on own initiative.
  • Having a working knowledge of the following:
  • IATF16949.
  • PPAP.
  • DFMEA.
  • DFM.


Key Competencies

Self-Awareness & Self Development

  • Is self-aware & regularly consistently working on individual development goals in order to consistently improve their performance

Self Esteem and Self-Confidence

  • Belief in self, and in the ability to solve problems in difficult situations. The confidence to make decisions and implement solutions even under difficult circumstances

Achievement Orientation

  • This person meets and surpasses goals and taking calculated risks for measured gains

Developing Others

  • Ability to develop the skills in others as well as long­term characteristics, competencies, qualities that are essential to their roles


  • Ability to set firm standards for behaviour and necessary actions and hold people accountable to them


  • Being true and honest to one self and others and behaving honestly even when it is difficult to do so


  • Ability to change gears or change/ drop the expected task when circumstances demand it

Decisiveness and Leadership:

  • Is willing to make decisions; is goal oriented in discussions; organises meetings and project reviews on time; controls and supervises the progress of the project and the quality of the results; sets observable standards of quality.

Communication skills

  • Chooses appropriate means of communication according to purpose: phone , face to face or meeting; supports effective and efficient discussions in the team by moderating the discussion appropriately and using appropriate visual aids to support items to be discussed, important facts and results. Is able to connect with people. 

Stakeholder Management skills

  • Being aware of processes to manage / engage stakeholders and ensure effective communication with stakeholders in order to deal efficiently and effectively with situations as they arise.

Impact and Influence

  • Ability to use deliberate influencing strategies or tactics to create a specific outcome


Analytical Thinking

  • Understanding of cause­ and­ effect chains and relationships, ability to analyse and break events/ issues into parts in order to understand a problem

Conceptual Thinking:

  • Ability to match patterns. Ability to assemble many pieces into a coherent whole. Ability to create new ways to look at things and suggest new ideas/ improvements

Information Seeking:

  • Ability to go beyond the obvious and seek out information. A natural curiosity in the things that are around him/ her.

Openness to Learning

  • Always interested in learning new approaches and ability to consider different points of view. Is open to learning and new information. Does not get stuck in his ways

Organisational Awareness:

  • Sensitivities to the realities of organizational politics and structure

Organisational Commitment:

  • A commitment to the organizational values and needs, to act in accordance with authority, organizational standards and goals.

Risk assessment skills

  • Being able to assess risk and take the necessary actions to mitigate these risks including the social behaviours necessary to ensure all relevant people are involved

People/ Social Skills

  • A clear understanding of the fundamental needs for social awareness and Social skills is essential
  • There are various aspects of people/ social skills required

Teamwork and Cooperation

  • The ability to work effectively as part of a team and cooperate with team members

Interpersonal Understanding

  • Awareness of others’ feelings, and ability to understand situations from other people’s points of view

Relationship Building

  • Ability to build and maintain positive relationships
  • Conflict Resolution Skills
  • Is willing to articulate not only ideas readily agreed upon but also takes a stance for uncommon points of view
  • Open about problems and does not go into denial
  • Skills in persuasion and motivation
  • Appreciates effort and achievements


Key Relationships

  • Engineering Managers and Supervisors
  • Operational Managers
  • Leather Technical Teams


How to Apply

To apply please send your cover letter and CV to

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