Process Co-ordinator/FLT Driver

Job Posted: 4th November 2022

The Role

Reporting to the production supervisor, the Process Co-ordinator/FLT Driver will be a hands-on role, responsible for supporting the operations team in delivering their targets. The Process Co-ordinator/FLT Driver will be highly skilled communicator, at all levels, whilst ensuring good working relationships are established to create a productive working environment.


Key Responsibilities

  • Control raw material stock, ensuring the correct stock levels and rotation of stock are maintained
  • Work with operators, team leaders and supervisors to fulfil requests ensuring a safe and efficient process
  • Ensure there is always a safe working environment, and all lifting equipment is in safe working order
  • Ensure the correct workload is available for each process to limit any down time
  • Ensure good communication and working relationship with all parts of the production team
  • Communicate relevant information to supervisors on things such as priorities, stock levels, waste levels and production issues
  • Ensure critical bits of equipment are available to maximize production time
  • Empty production waste into the correct recycling areas at regular intervals to ensure no lost time
  • Weigh pallets and record accurate information
  • Identify and organize both chemicals and hides in the correct sequence to ensure both are safe, FIFO principles are followed, and all are easily identifiable
  • Carry out regular stock counts and ensure stock rotations are correct
  • Organize WIP locations so that batches are always kept together, labelled effectively, and organized to stop cross contamination
  • Ensure equipment is always kept clean to stop cross contamination
  • Comply with Statutory and always known Company procedures


Key Competencies Required

Being Organised

  • Achieve results by prioritising workload, effective time management and showing efficiency with resources available and monitoring progress

Communicating Effectively

  • Clear, concise, consistent and relevant for individual situations and understands, manages, and clarifies expectations

Attention to Detail      

  • Your work is complete and accurate


  • Doing it before being asked


  • Actively develop and maintain beneficial relationships and contribute towards a common goal


Key relationships

  • Operators 
  • Contractors
  • Team Leaders
  • Supervisors
  • H/S & E team


How to Apply

To apply please send your cover letter and CV to

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