Dispense Co-ordinator

Job Posted: 4th July 2022

Location: Bridge of Weir, Scotland


Role  Summary

To support colour operational lead in providing colour service to business in line with BOW goals, vision and mission to achieve manufacturing excellence.  Improve production efficiency through pursuit of excellence in all aspects of colour scheduling, dispensing and mixing.  Take a proactive approach to managing Health and Safety for self and others which will contribute to zero tolerance H&S initiatives.


Key accountabilities

  • Meets Health and Safety standards
  • Reduce cost of chemicals/product/processing by the management of dispense quantities
  • Minimise downtime in finishing department by working according to production schedule
  • Regular liaison with the production scheduler and supervisors to ensure the production schedule is up to date and progressing to plan
  • Work relentlessly to meet the schedule
  • Dispense mixes from the pirovano in accordance with procedures and in line with the production schedule
  • Prioritise the workload required to meet the schedule
  • Identify and resolving any issues that may impact the production schedule
  • Effectively builds relationships with all departments and peer groups across the business to ensure a joined-up approach to delivering excellence.
  • To participate in maintaining a Colour Centre of Excellence, including the pirovano area in line with operational excellence principles, a clear, clean, and visually controlled centre.
  • To identify and implement continuous improvement opportunities


Key Competencies Required


Actively develop and maintain beneficial relationships and contribute towards a common goal


Doing it before being asked


Clear, concise, consistent and relevant for individual situations and understands, manages, and clarifies expectations

Attention to Detail      

Your work is complete and accurate

Whole Picture

Making sense of complex situations and systems

Being Organised

Achieve results by prioritising workload, effective time management and showing efficiency with resources available and monitoring progress


How to Apply

To apply please send your cover letter and CV to careers@scottishleathergroup.com


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