Colour Team Leader

Job Posted: 23rd September 2022

Location: Bride of Weir, Scotland 


Role Purpose

Improve production efficiency through pursuit of excellence in all aspects of colour sampling, mixing, matching and application processes. Take a proactive approach to managing Health and Safety for self and others which will contribute to “zero tolerance” Health and Safety initiatives.

Key Accountabilities

Support colour operations manager in driving process improvements in colour sampling, mixing, matching and application.
To support and advise colour pod technicians with an influence on commercial and quality decisions.

  • To advise on tolerance limits for colour matching to maximise production efficiency.
  • Effectively builds relationships with all departments and peer groups across the business to ensure a joined-up approach to delivering excellence.
  • Assist in colour development and matching encompassing both software and hardware facilities.
  • To participate in maintaining a Colour Centre of Excellence, including the dispensing area in line with operational excellence principles, a clear, clean, and visually controlled centre. 
  • To identify and implement continuous improvement opportunities.
  • Point of contact for operatives, technical, engineering and supervisors.

Experience Desired

  • Superior colour vision (as determined by the Farnsworth Munsell test).
  • Has excellent colour process knowledge and experience.
  • Very disciplined with procedures and keeps meticulous records.
  • Good understanding of leather and the finishing process.
  • Able to operate and understand relevant machinery.

Key Competencies Required


  • Respond positively to feedback and be open to incorporating these into your way of working.
  • Treat every experience as an opportunity to learn something new
  • Ask others for help and advice.
  • Undertake regular self-development aligned to your role or future roles.
  • Be an exemplary role model and take the lead in promoting and living by our values
  • Establish norms of behaviour for the team and take appropriate actions if they are not adhered to.

Attention to Detail

  • Consistently provide accurate, complete, and quality work and information.


  • Actively develop and maintain beneficial relationships and show commitment to outstanding teamwork.
  • Proactively listen to, consider, and embrace diverse ideas and styles.


  • Achieve results by prioritizing workload, effective time management, and showing efficiency with resources available. 
  • Monitor plans and makes changes when targets go off track.
  • Show energy and determination to drive action through to completion.


  • Respond positively to change and look for new ways of working that improve efficiency.
  • Be open to trying new ideas.


  • Develop and deliver clear, concise, consistent, and relevant information (verbal and written) to meet the needs of the audience. Understands, manages, and clarifies expectations.

Problem Solving

  • Act on own initiative without being prompted
  • Demonstrate drive to make a positive difference to business performance
  • Have a positive outlook, channel your energy into finding opportunities and solutions, even in times of uncertainty and ambiguity.
  • Always seek valid information to solve and eliminate root causes of problems/ issues.

Key Relationships

  • Colour Operations Manager
  • Team Leaders - Finishing
  • Production Supervisors
  • Chemical Waste Team Leader
  • Colour Technicians
  • Colour Matchers


How to Apply

To apply please send your cover letter and CV to


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